an industrial grade desiccant made with ecology-oriented materials that absorb the moisture which accomplishes both high functionality and high quality.

Feature :

Made with a plant-derived materials (ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT)

Properties :

Absorbs moisture during transportation or storage for preventing rust And condensation inside warehouse and containers It effectively maintain product quality when use together with BOSELON® for preventing rust

More than 20 years of experienced, we can advise the suitable size of SUNDRY to be packed with customer parts. We are able to improve and advise the packing method or design of rust prevention


Size of Sundry

Weight (g.)
SUNDRY 10 1,000
SUNDRY 30 420
SUNDRY 50 300
SUNDRY 90 160
SUNDRY 150 80
SUNDRY 200 80

Visualization of moisture absorption result

At-a-glance indication of moisture absorption level via color change


Specifications and Applications

Moisture Absorptivity
Proven applications
(25C 50%RH) 10 1,000
Approx. 100% Single-sided desiccant Automotive parts transport
Approx. 100% Long-life absorption Machine tool transport
Approx. 100% - Glass transport

Moisture Absorption Properties of Sundry

Moisture Moisture