Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting Film

Packaging films containing Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors
to protect metals from rust in the automotive and steel industries.

What is VCI

BOSELON® VCI Film AICELLO CORPORATION introduced BOSELON® as the world's first Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting (VCI) film in 1969. Starting with the automotive, heavy machinery and steel, BOSELON® is used in a wide variety of industries. Volatile corrosion inhibitors encapsulated in BOSELON® continuously vaporize from the film, forming an active protective molecular membrane on the metal surface and effectively preventing the formation of rust.



Over the 50 years, BOSELON® has defined VCI Film, becoming the most trusted brand and holding the top share globally. We has maintained a strong dedication to safety from the start of BOSELON®’s development on. In accordance with global safety regulations, Aicello has released information such as rust prevention chemical component names, construction and content amount to adhere to the Chemical Substance Control Law in Japan and others as the CAS No. (Chemical Abstract Service) in the US that cause Aicello is the reliable company for worldwide customers.