Corporate Policy

In order to meet our customers' demands for quality, delivery date, price and continue to offer reliable products, Aicello outlines the quality policy as follows.

  1. We are committed to innovation and improvement of our technical capabilities. We strive to make products with unprecedented quality that meet our customers’ requirements.
  2. We do not allow minor issues to stay unresolved. We strive to resolve issues quickly through collaboration across organizational boundaries.
  3. We work to eliminate unnecessary work in all operations, and reduce costs.
  4. Each of us strives to improve the quality of ones operations, become aware of their roles and importance of their duties.
  5. We continually review the effectiveness and efficiency of our operations, and continually improve our Quality Management System, in response to changes in our internal and external environments.

AICELLO identifies environmental conservation as one of our key business challenges. We will contribute towards a sustainable society through design and manufacturing technologies of environmentally-friendly products, in accordance with the following policies.

  1. We comply with legal and other requirements relating to the environment.
  2. We thoroughly manage substances which may adversely impact the environment to supply safe products.
  3. We are committed to a low-carbon society by using energy, materials, and other resources efficiently.
  4. We actively provide environmental education and activities to raise the environmental awareness of each employee.
  5. We set goals and objectives in order to achieve our Environmental Management Policy, and strive for continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System.