Characteristic of BOSELON®

  • Corrosion inhibiting effect is immediate and long-lasting.
  • Transparent film allows contents to be easily identified and inspected.
  • Choose from a variety of film grades based on customer application and specifications.
  • Corrosion inhibition and packaging are completed in a single process, minimizing labour cost and maximizing productivity.
  • BOSELON® is ideal for use on automated packaging lines.
  • Polyethylene based BOSELON® films are recyclable; and toxic gas is not generated during incineration.

Corrosion Inhibiting System of BOSELON®

Volatile corrosion inhibitors encapsulated in BOSELON® vaporize from the film continuously. Volatile corrosion inhibitors condense and form an active protective molecular membrane of corrosion inhibitors on the metal surface.

If moisture condensation occurs inside of a package, vaporized corrosion inhibitors are readily absorbed in the moisture, yielding a corrosion inhibiting effect.

When humid air from outside of the package permeates through the film, encapsulated corrosion inhibitors in the film are absorbed by the moisture. The moisture containing the corrosion inhibitors condenses on the metal surface and forms a VCI molecular membrane.